Banh mi Saigon: Best 5 shops for an authentic experience

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These 5 Saigon banh mi shops have been serving authentic and delicious sandwiches for over 50 years.

1. Banh mi Bay Ho

This stall has been serving banh mi at 19 Huynh Khuong Ninh Street, District 1, since 1930. The three-generation family business is one of the most well-known in Ho Chi Minh City. You can get a delicious banh mi here for VND20,000 ($0.85). The bread comes from a partner bakery and the fillings – pate, meatballs, cha (pork roll), meat, and pork floss – are all homemade by the family. The stall has maintained its original recipes for over 90 years.

Address: 19 Huynh Khuong Ninh, Da Kao, District 1

2. Banh mi Hoa Ma

This shop at 53 Cao Thang, District 3, was founded by a northern couple who moved to Ho Chi Minh City 60 years ago. It has since been passed down through three generations of their family. It is also known as banh mi chao (bread with combo pan) Hoa Ma because the fillings come in a hot skillet. A mixed serving includes eggs, cold cuts, sausages, fish cakes, hot fried pork rolls, with bread and pickles on the side. The shop only opens for breakfast, from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day. A serving costs about VND50,000 – VND60,000 ($2.13 – $2.56).

Address: 53 Cao Thang, Ward 3, District 3

3. Banh mi Mr.Ly

At the sidewalk corner of Hai Ba Trung Street in District 3, you can find Mr. Ly’s banh mi stall. He only sells banh mi with pork rolls, onions, and cucumbers, and for just three hours every morning. Mr. Ly is a northern immigrant who came to Ho Chi Minh City and started the stall in 1950. It has since been run by his family for 70 years. His third-generation successor now runs the business. A banh mi here costs about VND20,000.

Suggestion: 189 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3

4. Banh mi Bay Quang

This stall has been selling banh mi at 7 Huynh Khuong Ninh Street, District 1 for over 60 years. The banh mi here has a simple but tasty filling of pate, pork rolls, meat, pickled vegetables, and sauces. The shop is named after its founder, Mr. Quang, whose daughter, Tran Thi Chin, now runs the stall. You can enjoy a banh mi here for VND20,000

Address: 9 Huynh Khuong Ninh, Da Kao Ward, District 1

5. Banh mi Nhu Lan

This brand has three shops on major streets and is possibly the most famous banh mi eatery in Ho Chi Minh City. Nhu Lan Bakery started from a humble cart on Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3, in 1968.

Now, Nhu Lan offers not only banh mi but also various kinds of pate, pork rolls, cakes, and moon cakes. All of its branches are always busy with customers. Prices vary from VND15,000 to VND30,000 (64 cents to $1.28).

Address: 68 Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe, District 1


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