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Taste the real Saigon

SaigonVibes was founded on November 24th, 2019. From our very first days, we began offering tours on Airbnb Experience. Later, we expanded our business to Viator, TripAdvisor, and other online travel agencies.

Featured on Forbes, KBS TV (Korean), Travel Dudes, Airbnb Editor Blogs, Saigon Times, and more, SaigonVibes is the fastest-growing food tour company and a leader in showcasing the rich history and culture to thousands of guests who visit Ho Chi Minh City.

It all started when a young senior student, Phuoc, who loves traveling and business, combined his passion for Vietnamese food. The name “Saigon Vibes” came up during a student exchange in Indonesia when his Canadian roommate, a rapper, suggested it to him.

An avid traveler, taste tester, social food blogger, and cultural explorer, Phuoc realized that what he valued most from his travels was the opportunity to meet locals and see the city through their eyes. Thus, it was unanimously decided that Saigon Vibes would do exactly that: allow people to taste the real Saigon.

As the first and only tour operator focused solely on gastronomic experiences in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Vibes  team members are passionate about local gastronomy and strive for each and every guest to fall in love with the city and its food.

Our mission

At SaigonVibes, we believe food is a cultural expression. That is why our guided food tours are about more than just the food, we want to share the history, architecture, culture, and cuisine of our beloved city. So that you can taste the real Saigon

"This Is the Coolest Food Tour in Vietnam"

from Pure Detour

"Epic Vietnamese street food tour in Vietnam"

from Alina McLeod

Our Manifesto

Travel is a learning opportunity that begins at home. Researching and planning are integral parts of the journey. Embrace the experience as an explorer and keep an open mind. Engage with locals, share meals, and appreciate the culture.

“You don’t need a lot of money to travel well.”

Travel slowly, walk lightly, adapt, learn the local language, and seek authenticity. Every interaction is a chance to connect and grow. Become part of the place you visit, bringing humanity and understanding.

Traveling and experiencing the world’s food is an adventure. It makes us realize our smallness in the world, yet we return as better versions of ourselves.

SaigonVibes, a member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), completed the Tourism Destination Resilience (TDR) Programme. This course addresses the need for a more resilient tourism industry to handle crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

We connect and support Vietnamese local tour operators!

Partnership Opportunities

For resellers and travel agencies in the US, UK, and Taiwan: We’d love to be your trusted partner and food tour supplier in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently working with 25 agencies, we are confident in offering you great commissions.

For food tour operators in Vietnam: Your value to us is immense! We will list your tours on our website after evaluating their performance. We maintain the originality of your tours and use our award-winning booking system to highlight them.

Please send your requests via Saigon Vibes email

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